The Meta Cat

Original minds are distinguished not by being the first to see a new thing, but by seeing the old, well - known thing, which is seen and overlooked by everyone, as something new.

Purchase a design cloth and support the ones in need. 10 % of profits are donated to monthly charity of choice. 

Why Choose Us?

Look good, do good, feel good.

Look good - That's just obvious.

Do good - gives the joy of quality design and helps to support charity of the month. We want the best in a way that is the best for everyone around us.

When you choose our cloth and design, you support the Idea of a strong Individual who actively takes part in making reality, as we know it -  good. 

About Us

Daniēls Ā

Store founder

Ideas where brewing and this is what came out of the chaos to be structured into being. We encourage you to pet a cat when you encounter one on the street.